Hey! I'm Martin


Recent Websites

  • Seth Levy Law

    Seth came to me needing a new site and branding refresh. His practice was in the process of changing, so we worked together to establish key business objectives and a plan for how the site would fit into his overall marketing efforts. I designed and developed this site to reflect those goals and with lead conversion firmly in mind.

  • Little Red Cup Tea Co.

    The tea company needed a fresh, simple website to act as an informational point and an ecommerce solution. This site is fully responsive and built on/with Shopify. I'm responsible for the custom design, the development, and the photography.

  • 3191

    I built the custom WordPress theme for this year-long project. I'm responsible for the development and inital layout. The site is fully responsive. Design by CDR.

  • Ryan Stotland

    Ryan needed a super clean and responsive site to act as a home for his various projects. This is it.

  • More & Co.

    More & Co. needed a responsive ecommerce site with a ton of flexibility and functionality. This website is the result of months of work, completed while I was on staff as a developer. Design by CDR.



Most recently, I've been writing web copy and longform features.

I've written product descriptions, blog posts, and newsletters for the Little Red Cup. We don't send newsletters very often, but when we do they're ususally effective and I enjoy putting them together Here's a recent one.

Beyond the tea company, I've helped friends as needed, and just finished a stint doing SEO focused copy-re-writing for L.L.Bean.

In the last couple years I've written about Allen's Coffee Brandy, eating my way through Quebec's Cheese Country, about the Cryptozoology Museum down the road, and, most recently, about how I wished I did more writing.

Without irony, that is the last major piece I've done.

Previously, however, I blogged about technology for Motherboard, the Vice technology vertical, and wrote about business for the Atlantic Business Magazine.

A Bit About Me

In cover letters I tend to say things like this:

"When I was a sophomore at Colby College I decided that the best way to stay in Maine was to become a generalist.

The choice to generalize has guided the trajectory of my professional life, and to that end I’ve worked broadly as a sort of jack-of-all digital trades. I have built and maintained websites, brought clients to the social web, written for print and web publications, and produced audio and video podcasts.

Because of this mixture of professional capacities, I have a hard time characterizing myself as a web developer, a writer, or a photographer.

I like to say that I am useful."

I usually don't say that I was a raft guide, that I bake all the bread my family eats, or that my sense of humor veers dangerously punny, but these things are true as well.

Cheers —


Contact: martin@martinconnelly.com